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5Deka Inc. is a research group focused on the future, with its main activities centered around public and private speeches on the future. We focus on 2 key subjects:

  • The megatrends of the next 50 years of your life which covers the major upcoming technological and social trends. We are interested in many aspects of the future such as social networking, AI, virtual reality, brain research, nanotechnology, miniaturization, collaboration tools, global talent, etc.
  • The current Generation Y and Cyber, as well as the upcoming generations. We are constantly studying the different generations and how they interact in the current social and economic environment, including their use of social medias. These generations will impact the society far more than any technological advance and understanding them is key to understand the future.

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5Deka - Passion for the future.


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5Deka, since 2012, no longer exists as a company. It no longer provides any of the services described on this site. This website is kept alive to make sure the content we created about the future is accessible as a reference.


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We posted about the original video, A day made of Glass, early last year. Since then, it has received a lot of positive coverage and Corning, the company behind the video, decided to produce a follow-up. We appreciate the fact that this follow-up goes deeper in the story and clarifies what is, and is not, available today.