Predictions: How life will change by 2020 - Page 2


Combining your Universal Buyer Personal Profile, your GPS enabled personal communication device and your embedded wireless hearing device, retail stores and restaurants now recognize you as soon as you walk in. They are able to send you personalized welcome message and adaptive advertizing.

Gesture base remote control technology is now used to control a variety of devices. Long is gone the remote control for the TV set, you simply flick the channels with a gesture of your hands; same for changing the volume and turning it on and off. This first became popular with video game consoles earlier in the decade, with the Xbox 360 and quickly spread to other devices across the house.

Embedding GPS devices are widely used worldwide as a default option. Alzheimer patients are ones of the first to be implemented such a device on a group basis as it makes it much safer for them to function in the world and it is much easier for medical team to find where they are. GPS devices are also installed at the factory in each and every car being made, including a communication device to transfer back and forth information to other cars on the road. The car will automatically alert other cars around of the road condition, speed of the car and if there is any risk of hazard to be careful of.

Laptops, in the format they were known back in 2009-2010, don’t exist anymore. They have been replaced by a wide array of personal communication devices, all wirelessly connected and much smaller in size. These new devices take the most of new communication protocol to really grasp the power of cloud computing. All the data and programs are stored online, which allows very versatile, efficient and cost effective devices to be available for everyone.

By the end of the decade, we see the coming of a new Generation that is replacing the Cyber Generation. This new Generation has many different characteristics which we will better be able to determine in the coming years, but we believe they will be very close to the earth (green), will lead a very healthy way of life and they will collaborate to improve human society. Technology is now part of them, instead of being born with electronic toys in their hands like the Cyber Generation; they are the first to be born in a world where embedding electronics is now part of the daily life.