Predictions: How life will change by 2030 - Page 2



Most of the restaurants now use eBooks type of devices as menus. This allows a very interactive, much more descriptive listing of all the available dishes. At the same time, menus are updated in real time and the “dish of the day” is fully described and shown in all its glory in pictures and videos. Other improvements are instant ordering from the eBook to the kitchen (the waiting staff is there to serve you, not to relay information back to the kitchen) and estimated wait for the dishes to be ready. You also have an option to see the chef preparing the dish you ordered.

Robots in many shapes and form are now widely deployed worldwide for domestic applications. It started in Japan and Korea, where they use robots for more than 20% of the tasks already. Dangerous roles and repetitive tasks as the first ones filled by robots while humans can focus more on creative, innovative and customer facing roles. (Even though robots are being commonly used, the population in general still prefers to deal with humans, even if it implies a not always perfect service).

Biometrics is used every day in dozens of different situation. Your fingerprint is now your electronic wallet. Your eyes and facial features are used as your passport at the airport. Same thing for security at the office and to get home, you palm will let you get in the office and your voice imprint with your fingerprint back home at night. To avoid some cheating (see electronic contact lenses below), some systems are being put in place to check your DNA as a security check and will be rolled out in the coming years.

Most contact lenses are now equipped with electronic displays which is quickly becoming a very popular fashion item as it gives the ability to change the color of the contacts on demand. They also have the ability to display information in the field of vision of the user. Wherever the users look at, he can access information concerning what he’s looking at. As you walk in to a cocktail event, your personal communication device, communicates with your contact lenses, scans the face of everyone at the party, and search for matches on their online social profile and your personal preferences to let you know with whom you should be mingling with. (This is the complete integration of Augmented Reality we’ve been pursuing for years now.)

Holographic displays are now widely available for commercial use and are envisioned to be commercialized to households in the near future. This is slowly replacing the old and unrealistic 3D displays that have been popular for the past 10 years. Combined with this, Walt Disney is launching the first completely simulated reality theme park using a combination of technologies with the holographic displays. This can provide users a remote experience of the park as they can be based anywhere in the world to experience the thrill and joy of the rides.