Predictions: How life will change by 2040 - Page 2



The first worldwide soccer championship opposing robots and humans happened a few years ago. The robot team is entirely made of humanoid robots and we see similar teams joining most of the existing sports leagues worldwide. The robots performances are limited by a third party verification team to ensure a very challenging game for the non-robotic players while still giving them a chance to win against their robotic counterparts.

Space travel is now a common tourist destination, and quite affordable, as more than 5% of the yearly "out of country" trips are done in Space. We also see the first official hotel in space for travelers to stay a few weeks in a luxury zero-gravity setting.

60% of the worldwide power generation is from renewable sources; with solar power b eing the main source as it has been deployed for over 10 years already on rooftops, car shelter, vehicles, clothes, and many more items. The non-renewable sources of power are still required by high demand industries, some heating / conditioning and in some specific parts of the world with less access to renewable sources or still relying on older infrastructure.

Due to advances in medicine, improvement of quality of life on a worldwide basis, world population is expected to reach 10 billion within the next 10 years. This is not seen as much of a problem, even though over-population in cities is still an issue, as clean water is now available for everyone and increase in food production, combined with large reduction in waste, was able to follow the growth trend of the population. We are getting very close of reaching a life expectancy of 100 years in some countries.