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www.5deka.com: Passion for the Future

Keynote speakers on the future for the Corporate, Education and Public sectors.
5Deka built some very powerful and unique presentations based on multiple researches and personal experiences. The subjects we can cover are: The megatrends of the next 50 Years and the current Generation Y & Cyber. The presentations cover multiple topics and can last between 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the audience. We do speeches to Corporate, Education and for the general Public. The presentation (like a show) is suitable for any group size, ranging from 5000 people at once, to small groups like a board room.


For Corporate and government: We help Executives, managers and employees stay current with all technology megatrends from around the world. Helping them realize that the future is already here and show how the world is changing very fast around them. We help management understand what the cyber & Y generation needs are and their impact in the workplace and in the marketplace. We generate ideas on how to leverage Web 2.0 and other technologies in their enterprise. We help build mid to long term vision. We shake the audience for sure.

Education Market (Students): Our conference style is very different for them. We combine visuals with interaction in a way that students love it. We become part of them; they are moved by how their world is changing and how they can change the world around them. We help students, starting at the age of 12 (high school) all the way to College, to get fascinated and interested in sciences, ultimately reducing dropout rates as a collateral impact.

Education Market (Direction and teachers): Similar to corporate, we focus on educating that group about the technology megatrends, social impacts and how their students use them in their daily lives. With a better understanding of these, school leaders and teachers altogether can develop better strategies to engage with their students with a common language and tools.

No one stays indifferent after our presentation.

Key Partners:

A few satisfied customers:

Chambre de Commerce de Repentigny

Bell Canada

5Deka in the press:

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What they say about us:

“Réjean is very professional, has a contaminating passion for his topic and masters very well how to reach people interest.”

Pierre Fitzgibbon, CEO Atrium Innovation,  (ex-CFO Banque Nationale et CEO New World Mobility in Hong Kong)
“Rejean is a very dynamic person, with lots of Passion, energy, persuasive and Leadership skills. He is also an excellent speaker.”
Alain Rheaume, Trio Capital, (ex- Président Fido Solutions et sous-ministre des Finances, Gouvernement du Québec)
“Réjean is an outstanding speaker who's energy is contagious.”

“Réjean Bourgault, orateur très à l’aise avec son sujet, sait nous communiquer sa passion pour le futur. Son talent de vulgarisateur et sa grande connaissance du sujet captent l’audience du début à la fin”

Chahram Bolouri, CEO, Aveos.

“Une des meilleures présentations vue dans les dernières années, adaptée autant pour les jeunes, qu’aux Exécutifs de grande compagnies, et aux parents en nous.  Réjean dégage une passion et une grande connaissance de son sujet, tout simplement fascinant.”

Martin Bérard, gestionnaire Telecom, Coop Fédéré

“La conférence de Monsieur Bourgault, à elle seule, valait le déplacement...”

Séminaire VIP Web2.0, Chambre de commerce de Montréal