Predictions: How life will change by 2020

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Written by Réjean Bourgault (Canada); Edited by Olivier Adam (United Kingdom), Co-founders of 5Deka – All Rights Reserved

Education: One of the many new generation eBook reader (Microsoft Courrier, Barne's & Noble Nook or the rumored one from Apple), will replace student books and laptops in K-12 classrooms. Benefits: fully interactive, video and multimedia content for the students. School material is always up to date. One multimedia “eBook” for all disciplines at school with advanced note taking, bookmarking and sharing features. How to prepare: Deploy Wireless technology in Schools and develop content in eBook format. Teachers’ status: training is required to properly use the devices. Cyber Generation Students’ status: Fully Ready.

Bluetooth Wireless headsets are replaced by fully embedded hearing devices at the back of your ear. No more Star Trek look, but people will talk in the "emptiness" even more. The power consumption of such a device will be minimal and will be powered wirelessly. This will allow the user not only to communicate with their personal communication devices (the natural evolution of the cell phone) but with many other type of devices available around them (car, computer, automated machines around the city, etc.).

3D Televisions are now standard in the industry and widely available in homes all over the world. This allows an even more immersive experience for both movies and video games. The beginnings were a bit rocky though as a few different standards battled it out both on the consumer side and on the content production side.

Thanks to miniaturization, RFID Tags costing now a few cents at most are widely available. They are fully deployed and completely replaced bar codes on all products in supermarket and retail stores. Benefits: Low cost on demand inventory is now available at any time. The tag, combined with fully deployed inventory solution provides automatic processing for just in time food and goods. How to prepare: Deploying Wireless solution and smart business processes.

Another benefit from these low cost RFID Tags: As you enter the supermarket, the first step is now to put your 100% ecologic, reusable, biodegradable bags in your shopping cart. Once you choose an item on the shelf, you place it directly in the bags you brought with you*. Once you're done shopping, the experience has changed drastically as it does not involve lineups anymore. As you pass by the exit, your account is charged automatically… and there is no need any more for the old process, which was to remove the items from the cart, to put them on the cash register conveyer, to get them scanned individually to simply put them back in your bags afterward.

*: As you push your smart cart in the aisles, you are prompted with geo based advertizing related to the aisle you are in. As an example, while walking by the displays of cookies in an aisle, your cart might start showing an advertisement for Oreos.