Predictions: How life will change by 2030

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Written by Réjean Bourgault (Canada); Edited by Olivier Adam (United Kingdom), Co-founders of 5Deka – All Rights Reserved

Stem cell therapy is now commonly used as a treatment for many conditions and diseases. Amongst some of the uses of stem cell therapy we can count treatment for Leukemia and bone marrow transplant (both available for 20 years already) but more recently, to cure partial blindness, muscle damage and even some type of cancers.

At the Supermarket, the covers of your favorite Cereal Boxes are now equipped of electronic paper which is fully animated (similar concept as the recent eInk cover of Esquire). This is mainly used as an even stronger marketing tool, but laws and regulations in some countries are forcing manufacturers to display a minimum of 50% of useful information on the display to minimize the potential negative impact.

Personalized and complete DNA sequencing Scan are now widely available at a cost of less than 500$. The whole scanning and decoding takes less than 15 minutes and is as simple as a blood test. Due to affordability of DNA Scan, there is a drastic increase of in-vitro fecundation in developed countries which bring the mortality rate due to genetic diseases close to 0 which, in turns, slightly increases the population growth.

Professional athletes around the world now have a new stream of revenue after winning their Olympic Medal: Becoming a selective option as “Athlete donor” for In-Vitro fecundation. We encounter the same phenomenon for artists, scientists, celebrities, etc.

Toyota has entered the entertainment industry, by launching its first Robotic Symphonic Orchestra Worldwide Tour. This group of robots can perform live music without any flaws and can reproduce different style of music to adapt to different crowds. A classical music concert is followed by a rock and roll show (type of music which has been doing a big comeback in the last few years).

On a worldwide basis, 50% of the cars on the roads are now electric. Non-electric cars have been completely out of the market for a few years already. This change has been led by some cities of the world which are only allowing renewable energy vehicles to drive around. Some of the cities which were first to implement this rule are Los Angeles, London, Zurich and Tokyo.