Predictions: How life will change by 2040

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Written by Réjean Bourgault (Canada); Edited by Olivier Adam (United Kingdom), Co-founders of 5Deka – All Rights Reserved

DNA Scanning is now mandatory for Olympic Athletes, to search for any type of after-birth genetic manipulation. Pre-birth genetic manipulation has been ruled as allowed in the 2032 judgment which was opposing the Olympic organization to the Olympic gold medal gymnast from Brazil, who got a perfect score in every category.

In this decade, we see the first Bionic Olympic Games; which replaced the Para-Olympic Games. These Bionic athletes are stronger and faster than normal humans and are attracting a bigger crowd than the normal Olympic Games as the feats and records are much more impressive. New records are now following an exponential trend instead of a linear one and new records are being made nearly every year.

Production of cars propelled only by water has begun, bypassing other alternatives like Hydrogen fuel car. This is mainly made for countries with less electric production facilities and for areas with less solar coverage.

Water shortage worldwide is not an issue anymore as efficient and cost effective desalinization solutions are now available. Large pipelines are being built to pump water from the sea and bring it to the cities. Combined to this, great advancements have been made in water treatment and proper procedures are put in place to reduce the impact humanity has had on water sources over the past hundred years or so.

Wearable solar panels is now becoming standard and items used on a daily basis are being equipped with very low cost, highly efficient, solar panels to power just about everything. Cars are partially powered by the solar panels that cover the entire vehicle; flexible solar panels on your clothes allow powering your cell phone and other portable devices.